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7th February 2005


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17th July 2004


So I don't know if you know this. but I love Chuck Klosterman. <3 I think hes an amazing writer and when I try to write I try to write like him. I don't know why but he inspires me. Well. Today I went to SPIN.com Just to look him up & I was reading peoples comments on how he writes, and everyone hated him. =(

That really upset me I just felt the need to share.

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13th July 2004

lookoutxbaby12:39am: well it all began

note to you, I wasn't really thinking during this application. I'm not really this dumb. (or so I like to think)

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7th July 2004

myyellowtshirt3:14pm: Voting
I know I said voting would begin after we had ten members, but I changed my mind. Voting begins now. Any application posted is now fair game.

Your MOD,

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24th June 2004

aminalshmu9:11pm: I read the rules, but I'm not starting at the beginning...
uhm, this is what i want to say?Collapse )

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mypinktshirt6:23pm: oo love meCollapse )

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myyellowtshirt1:15am: Getting Started
So as we get things rolling around here I will have complete discression of approval till we have 10 accepted members. Once we have 10 voting will begin.

Your MOD,

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